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Why Essential Oils and Why Young Living

If you’ve ever received a massage from me there is a very good chance you’ve experienced essential oils.  I almost always have a diffuser going in the office and depending on the season will adjust the oil. During massages I customize my use of oils depending on what each client needs.  Sometimes it means I’m using OrthoEase on your back after a deep tissue massage. Other times I might use a drop of lavender or Peace and Calming mixed in with the massage creme if I know my client is anxious after a stressful day.  For a neck or shoulder problem I would reach for PanAway. For headaches I’ve used peppermint at the base of your head.  There are many oils that I can use during massage therapy.

I started using Young Living essential oils 15 years ago when the owner of the company I worked for integrated Young Living into her business. She shared with us oils like Thieves and PanAway along with many others. We had access to the oils for the clients and became trained in the Raindrop Technique.

When my kids were younger I would have a roller of Thieves in the car and I would rub it on their wrists, especially in the winter, before I dropped them off for school. I always teased them that they stayed healthy either because of the Thieves or because the sick kids stayed away from them because they smelled like cloves, cinnamon and lemon.  There is a long list of what we have used essential oils over the years and I would love to share that with you–just ask me!

The essential oil industry has changed so much since I started my massage training in 1999. Young Living was the only brand I knew about and to be honest I only started to realize how popular essential oils were in the last few years. I’ve tried various brands but always go back to Young Living. The quality and selection is unmatched. I have new YL favorites and still use the originals on a daily basis. 

If your interested in how Young Living essential oils can affect you and your family’s life I can answer any questions. I have some of the more popular oils in stock in the office at retail price. I also place an order every couple weeks so talk to me about ordering. And I have samples–just ask me!

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