Scheduling Help

*Please note AMT reserves the right to change or cancel your online appointment .

  • The system will allow appointments to be scheduled up to one hour before the current time if there is availability.
  • When you first click on the “Schedule Online with Teri” page the current day may not be the first day you see. If there is no availability for today it will automatically go to the next day available.
  • If appointments are available on the calendar the day  will be blue.  Click on the day you prefer to see availability.
  • After filling out the contact form verify your email address is correct as you will receive confirmation this way. This system also allows for text confirmations/reminders so appointments notifications may be sent this way.
  • Note that the system will “hold” the time you are scheduling to prevent over booking. If you click your browsers back button other times may not show as available. If you need help please call or text me and I can schedule you directly.
  • If you have finished scheduling and want to change your appointment go to your email confirmation and click on the link in the email.
  • When you schedule you will be sent an email immediately with the details. Please call or text me (260-402-8748) if you have any questions especially if you never received an email as there may be a chance your appointment wasn’t finalized.
  • If you made your appointment in advance you will also receive a reminder email the day before. If you need to cancel you may do so through your email up to 24 hours before. Please call me directly to cancel the day of your appointment.
  • Your appointment notifications are emailed and texted to me immediately and I have never missed an appointment through this system.
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