Client Reviews

Thank you so much to these clients who have taken the time to reply with their reviews!

As of October 2017 the new scheduling system no longer sends emails requesting client reviews but thank you to those who previously submitted reviews!

Tracy K. says: I had my first 1/2 hour massage with Teri for a few issues I am having. She was wonderful. I love the fact that she is in the same office as my chiropractor. There is nothing better than getting an adjustment and massage all in the same visit. I will definitely be scheduling more massages in connection with my adjustments to help with my issues.
Teri Shepherd
Peter G. says: Teri is in short terrific as my Massage Therapist!!!
Stress Relief
Diane M. says:  As always Teri did a wonderful massage treatment! I have had several different therapists and by far Teri has been the best. She is always very professional and conscientious to provide the best massage treatment possible. Thanks Teri!
No one else can compare!
Sarah W. says: Teri is amazing! I will only go to her for my massages! If I ever win the lottery, she is so on my list!!!!!
I highly recommend Teri!
Tori H. says: Teri does an AMAZING job. I have been to her a couple times now and I am never disappointed!! I would highly recommend going to see her.
Feeling Relaxed
Anna D. says: Teri did a great job! I booked a half hour massage this time. I can’t wait to go back and schedule an even LONGER massage next time.
Peggy S. says: I fell and injured my shoulder a few months ago. Teri is working on it to help me get more strength and mobility. She is very helpful. Thank you, Teri
Simply the best
Kathy F. says: I’ve been receiving massages for years. Teri is, by far the most effective and most professional. I also value her collaboration with my chiropractor for overall wellness. Thank you for everything, Teri!
Excellent Massage Therapist
Jennie B. says: I have been to many different massage therapists over the years and have been to Teri many times – she is, by far, the best. She keeps up on the latest health news and massage techniques to ensure she is meeting her clients needs. She is always attentive to my needs prior to and during the massage with regards to ensuring just the right amount of pressure is applied and that I am comfortable. Highly recommend her.
Naomi H. says: Terri was very professional and worked to relieve painful trouble areas. I felt great after my treatment!
Great massage
Renee K. says: This was my first massage and I was very pleased with the professionalism and quality of the massage I received. Teri asked what area I needed her to work on, shoulders and neck area. I think she used just the right amount of pressure to work out my knots and I walked out of the massage feeling much better than I walked in. the atmosphere of the room was extremely relaxing and I would definitely schedule more appointments!
Amazing massage!
Amy J. says: I’ve had many massages for my sore neck and shoulders and she is amazing and working out my soreness without using too much pressure which can be painful. I highly recommend her! She’s wonderful!
Diane M. says: I was able to get an appointment just at the right time. Teri does such a great job and is very professional. She always asks where the troubled areas are at before the massage. I always leave feeling much better. Thank you Teri for the awesome service you provide!
I’ll be back!
Tracy S. says: Isn’t that the best endorsement. I’ve been getting massages for more than 20 years and they are not all the same, of course. Teri is very professional and knowledgeable. She’s very attentive to my comments of concern and focused in her approach. Best of all, for me, I always leave refreshed and relaxed. Oh, one more thing. I booked my next three appointments over the next few months so I will get my desired times at the proper interval to ensure my relaxation stays steady. Thank you, Teri!
Massage perfection
Sheleena M. says: It had been many years since I went here. The service professionalism and atmosphere still remain impeccable!!

Mike H. says: Very nice atmosphere with a true professional.

Great Technique
Kim L. says: Teri is very skilled at her massage technique. Her movements were purposeful and she was able to identify areas that needed more work and apply proper pressure without it being painful. She was also very thorough and identified areas of associated problems that I didn’t know I had. She was very professional and took the time to talk about my concerns. The massage was very relaxing at the time, but the true benefit is that it actually made a difference that I could feel for more than a day. I have a lot of experience with massage therapists and I would highly recommend her.

Peter J. says: Teri is always professional. I have gone to Teri for massage for 10+ years! I regularly share here business card with coworkers.

Massage Therapist Review
Dale S. says: Thanks Teri, it was excellent. I am looking forward to the next time in to the office

Teri is fantastic!
Lindsay M. says: Highly recommended and always feeling better after our appointments.

Shawn C. says: Teri did a wonderful job, so relaxing. I love the fact you can book on-line, very convenient. Thank you!

Perfect touch!
Suzanne O. says: Teri takes the time to “listen” to you and get a feel for what your needs are. I have very sensitive skin and too much pressure causes pain. After listening to me she delivered the perfect message at the perfect pressure for relaxing. I have had many massages from other therapists and I would say she is at the top!! I would recommend her to anyone!

Feeling better
Michael F. says: Who was the first massage I ever had and it was really awesome thank you very much for relieving the pain in my back

Awesome Massage
Diane M. says: Teri Shepherd is the best massage therapist I have been to. She is very professional and takes the time to provide the type of massage requested. I have been to several different massage therapists and by far Teri is the best!

Teri Shepherd
Peter J. says: Teri is the best Massage Therapist I have ever known! Her ability to use deep tissue massage is like no one else. Every time I have experienced Teri as a massage therapist, and I have gone to her regularly since 2005, I am completely satisfied and feel much better! I highly recommend Teri to family and friends!

Great massage!!
Cristina D. says: Teri is an amazing massage therapist! I lost track of her for awhile and couldn’t find anyone who could give a great deep tissue massage like her. So glad I’m going her again. I can’t wait to schedule my next appointment!

Great Therapy!
Kim K. says: I go to AMT about every four weeks. Teri does an excellent job of getting rid of my knots and soreness without beating me up.

Exactly what I wanted
David J. says: I have had many “trained experts” who say they give massages. Most of them should be given and not paid for. It was a quiet time and did exactly what I wanted. The best endorsement is that I have scheduled another appointment.

Myra D. says: I have been going to see Teri on a regular basis for years….she truly is the BEST. I always feel GREAT after my massage….she has the PERFECT touch!

Just what I needed!
Paige K. says: I have seen their sign and decided to make an appointment. My stress areas, neck and shoulders, were focused on. I was extremely satisfied and have already suggested her to several people. Thank you!

Jama S. says: Teri is skilled at getting deep knots out without being rough. Everything about the experience was inviting, professional, and relaxing. And I made my next appointment!

Leslie L. says: Teri is awesome. Massage was great. Exactly what l needed. Nice place.

Wonderful Massage
Jennie B. says: Teri is an amazing massage therapist! She offers a very relaxed atmosphere and makes you feel relaxed from the minute you walk in the door. She asks the right questions and listens, so that she can provide the optimal massage experience. I have been to many massage therapists and she has that “perfect” touch.

Patti W. says: Teri has the right touch for every situation. I’ve been to several massage therapists over the years and typically their touch is too light or too deep without being able to adjust. Teri is very wonderful at adjusting her pressure to my needs. I highly recommend Teri to anyone who has never had a massage and to anyone who has them regularly. She is wonderful.

Tammy W. says: Teri does an amazing job! I can’t wait to go back.

Awesome Massage
David j. says: Great , very relaxing, my best massage ever.

Great Massage!!!
Wanda G. says: Teri gave me the best massage I’ve had in Ft Wayne. So relaxing I almost fell asleep. I will definitely schedule another massage with her.